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We use image, typeface and space to create context and emotional connections. Our focus is on contrast and reduction in all aspects of our design; no unnecessary decorations, as this can make the design appear forced.  The theory behind our style and aesthetic design is to utilize as little as possible in an effort to communicate as concisely, quickly with whom our client is trying to reach. We maintain a clear set of boundaries in our style so that we can focus on what the client wants to produce - this way of working avoids distractions and decorations.

Our greatest challenge in design is focused around asking ourselves what kind of boundaries we should use and why. Boundaries, not only determine results, but also your identity. One has to be comfortable in the group that they fit, as this is the only way to express themselves genuinely through image. Being apart of the group allows you to emotionally connect and empathize with your audience. 

We find that people who have a clear sense of imagination best appreciate our work. Overloaded and mass produced designs can be both boring and distracting, while reduced and minimal design has the ability to cut to the chase and gives it a decided commercial edge.