Land Rover

Reduced Design x Land Rover Explained

Land Rover D90, D110 and Discovery 03-04' showcasing their off-road elegance. A natural, outdoor shoot in Iceland focused on the off-road experience and wanderlust lifestyle. Clean lines and washed-out tones capture the intersection of utilitarianism and rugged beauty.

One of land rover's most iconic details resides in the back of the vehicle. the back wheel covers' primary position is strictly utilitarian; serving as an all-terrain wheel protector, increasing the lifespan of the spare by providing a slight barrier between the wheel and the elements. But, to many disco/defender enthusiasts, the logo mark/type/animal displayed on the rear wheel cover adds an aesthetic detail to be proud of; a birthright, and a constant (if needed) reminder of what these vehicles are capable of and the innate connection between driver and beast.

Thus we developed this tagline -

"Because you have a deeper connection to what you choose to drive. You drive what drives you."