Brand Work


Reduced Design x Brand Work Moscow Manege

MEA Manege. Re-brand concept. Pitch proposal. Made for ONY Agency, Moscow. 2015.

Re-brand objectives: to gather all 7 exhibition sites of Manege family under one brand by creating visual system which would present Manege as one entity but showing the unique features of each museum. 

Solution: Manege is a solid cultural entity spread throughout Moscow. Each museum is Manege so all of them has one bold style and only the name and minor visual accents present museum's uniqueness and create its own identity

We created bold, powerful and easy-to-apply visual identity, based on the simple and recognizable shape, associated with Moscow cultural symbols and dynamically transforming to fit a variety of layouts and objectives. 

Manege logo is a frame, a point of focus, setting content in the first place, highlighting the key features of each exhibition.